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# 412 " Sully" at the Camelot Auction 11/16/2011.

In 2011, Sully was Kate's first rescue. Sully was a 20+ year old Arabian gelding rescued from a kill auction.  Sully showed signs aging and was  suffering from Cushing's Syndrome.  He was at high risk of being sent to slaughter.  Sully was adopted and has resided at Celtic Hill Farm for nine years. He requires medication for his Cushing's called Presend which costs approximately $ 200.00 per month. Sully is now about 30 years old and takes good care of his blind stablemate "Fiona". He is very patient with Fiona who has grown very attached to Sully. I hope Sully lives a healthy and happy life for many years to come !  Sully is a success story, saving one horse at a time.

"Lady Bug"


"Lady Bug" is a 7 year old registered Quarter Horse mare rescued from a kill auction in April 2017. Lady Bug fell into the wrong hands after the auction and was re-rescued by Rescue Rides in August 2017. She has a very sweet disposition, and is currently in training with Ed Diaz at Serene Horse Ranch. Lady Bug loves attention and is a willing rider.  We are not sure yet what discipline Lady Bug will excel at, but whatever it is, she will be great at ! 



" Brogan" is a handsome 22 year old registered Quarter Horse rescued from a kill auction May 2017. Brogan was in very bad shape, and should never have been dropped off at the auction by his previous owners. Kate outbid a kill buyer who planned on shipping Brogan to Canada to be slaughtered. Brogan would not have survived the trip to Canada in a packed trailer without being  trampled to death en route. Brogan has severe arthritis and serious hoof issues, but with constant farrier care, Vet follow up, and medication, we have managed to provide Brogan a safe landing for his final years. Brogan is a pleasure to take care of. A special thanks to Sandy and Leslie for helping to pick Brogan up at the auction.

"Thelma & Louise"


" Thelma and Louise" were two aged stock ranch horses passed over at a kill auction two weeks in a row. Due to their advanced age, and arthritis, they were at very high risk of being sent to slaughter . With no interested buyers despite our networking efforts the "kill buyers" were ready to buy  Thelma and Louise to be slaughtered for human consumption, Kate, Sandy, and Leslie decided to save these mares from a horrific death. Thelma and Louise are possibly a mother and daughter duo and are very bonded. They will both live out the rest of their lives "together"  in the care of  Rescue Rides in a safe and loving home. The Veterinarian thinks Thelma and Louise are approximately 25 and 30 years old. Thelma suffers from occasional respiratory flare ups and lameness issues, and Louise has significant arthritis in her neck, possibly from an old neck injury . Rescue Rides is very thankful to East Coast Vet and Ed Diaz from Serene Horse Ranch for helping to care for Thelma and Louise  to keep them healthy.

"Danny Boy"


" Danny Boy" is a 7 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding  purchased from a kill auction in May 2017. Danny Boy was malnourished and untrained and at high risk of being shipped to slaughter. Untrained horses are often passed over at the auctions, and with time running out for Danny Boy we bailed him out, and later Rescue Rides adopted him. At first Danny Boy was not easy to handle, he was afraid of people, head shy and barely halter broke. His feet were a mess and he had been severely neglected. Two years later, Danny Boy has blossomed into a very handsome, healthy horse ready to re-eneter trainng with Ed Diaz from Serene Horse Ranch.  Danny Boy has regained his trust of humans slowly, and has taken a shine to Melissa ! Melissa is looking forward to riding Danny Boy and possibly competing in a beginner hunter jumper class next summer ! Danny Boy is a success story..saving one horse at a time.   A special thanks to Teresa Waltman for all her generous support of Rescue Rides to help rehabilitate these unfortunate auction horses. 



"Fiona" is one of Rescue Rides barn favorites ! Fiona is a 25+ year old POA mare that was severely neglected before being re-rescued by Rescue Rides. Fiona was removed from a neglect situation with a court order after she was intentionally starved, abused and neglected for over 90 days. She was totally emaciated, mucus dripping from her nose, her feet were a mess, and her uveitis was left untreated. Fiona was completely head shy from  obviously being abused. It was shocking to see such a nice little pony in such terrible shape, both physically and mentally. Within 30 days with a careful re-feeding program under the suprevision of a Veterinarian and providing farrier services,  Fiona's condition dramatically improved.  Fiona will  live out the rest of her life as a  Rescue Rides sanctuary horse with her friend 'Sully".  Fiona is very smart, and has slowly began trusting people again. Fiona requires special attention due to her blindness, but with a consistent routine, and excellent care provided by Lauren, Silvana, and Melissa she does very well. She is also  guided by her friend  "Sully" who wears a bell on his halterto help Fiona keep track of him.

" Moondance"


"Moondance" is a 14 year old part Morgan mare. Moondance was a last minute save from a kill auction in May 2017.  Moondance suffered a catastrophic  injury to one of her rear legs, and her previous owners  dropped her off at a kill auction.  Moondance was a pretty little bay mare so we decided to pick her up  the same day "Thelma and Louise" were rescued, but she was ill behaved. Thelma and Louise marched right onto the waiting Rescue Rides trailer, but not Moondance. We almost had to leave her at the auction  to face an almost certain death...not many people are looking to buy  a "spirited" lame mare. Luckily, Monndance finally loaded onto our waiting trailer, and made her way to safety. Moondance is  almost completely sound now, loves attention, but remains a challenge at times...lol. She has formed a strong bond with Aingel, the herd leader, and has found a forever home at Rescue Rides as a sanctuary horse. Moondance is a very photogenic mare, and brings a lot of happiness to many people just watching her running free in the fields. We are thankful Moondance is safe, sound, and happy.



" Zella" was a 7 year old, untrained quarter horse mare rescued from a kill auction in May 2017. Ed Diaz from Serene Horse Ranch offered to train Zella in the hopes of finding her a forever home. Ed knew Zella was very athletic, and smart and thought she would be relatively easy to train. Ed was right, and Zella was a willing student. Zella was adopted by a young girl Danielle and her parents. Danielle has done a great job with  Zella doing  pole bending and barrels. Zella is a success story of saving one horse at a time. Rescue Rides is very thankful to Ed Diaz and Danielle and her parents for giving Zella a second chance at life. Zella is well cared for and loved by Danielle. 

" M'aider ( MayDay )


" M'aider" aka MayDay was saved  by Rescue Rides in May 2019 from a kill  pen. Thanks to Sandy McPhail and RiK Rydant for making a generous donation towards Maydays bail. When we first picked up MayDay at the auction she was very sick with mucus dripping from her nose and she developed severe pneumonia within 48 hours. Dr. Alex from East Coast Vet came out immediately and saved Mayday's life. MayDay was also diagnosed with  Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis, commonly called DSLD which is probably the reason her previous owners ditched her at the auction, instead of properly caring for her. Mayday has made a miraculous recovery, and her DSLD is not as pronounced. She's sound at present, but she is not easy to handle. Many   auction horses are often sick or have behavoirial issues. Mayday had both issues, but luckily Lauren has formed a strong bond with Mayday. ..MayDay loves Lauren ! 10/19 we had an unexpected development with Mayday who may have come to us from the auction pregnant ! Dr. Vogel from East Coast will repeat MayDay's pregnancy test and perform an ultrasound next month for a defintive answer. Because MayDay was so sick when she first arrived, if she was pregnant, the foal could be comprimised, but we'll hope for best, and provide Mayday with the best care possible to give her the best chances of delivering a healthy foal. MayDay is the last horse Rescue Rides can adopt at present due to limited resources. This allows us to maintain the  highest level of care possible "saving  one horse at a time".

"General Patton"


On 7/3/17 "General Patton" # 463 was chosen by Sandy to save from a kill auction. Patton is a 25+ year old large grey gelding, and one of the nicest horses we have saved ! Somebody once loved this gentle giant who is well trained and socialized.  It appears Patton  was well taken care of until his later years after he became old and developed arthritis...I can't understand how anybody could just drop off a beautiful well behaved horse like Patton at a kill auction knowing the chances of him being sent to be slaughtered was very likely  given his age, size and lameness.  Because Patton was at very "high risk" of being purchased by a kill buyer we decided we would try and rescue him. The night of the auction, Patton did his best to carry the  rider around the small ring on his bony arthritic back, and trot and canter on his sore feet. The only bids over $ 300 on the big old grey gelding were the kill buyers. Thank God Rescue Rides was successful, and had the winning bid on Patton. It's a viscous cycle at these kill auctions, and nice older horses like Patton get caught in the cross fire between  greedy auction houses, kill buyers, and rescue operations. Regardless, we are happy Patton is safe, and has a forever home as a Rescue Rides sanctuary horse.with his best friend and stablemate "Brogan".  Several people think Patton was once a "show jumper" given his appearence and apparent English training, A special thanks to Sandy for her generous donation to help bail    Patton and for Sandy and Leslie's help picking him up.



"Arrow" was the first horse Rescue Rides bailed by using a GoFundme campaign. Several generous donors made it possible to bail Arrow by raising 50% of the purchase price which was matched by Rescue Rides.  A farm located in Ancram, New York offered to foster care Arrow and several months later Arrow was adopted. 

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